Outdoor Storefront Posters

All Star Media Solutions specializes in the placement of outdoor storefront posters.  By offering multi lingual posters in English, Spanish, and Creole our eye level storefront posters effectively reaches and engages your target audience.


We partner with independent store owners and leasing the prime spots to place our client’s advertising message in neighborhoods across the  country. Our one sheets measure 30" x 46" and are custom framed, installed and maintained throughout the campaign at convenience, grocery, liquor, dollar, check cashing stores, bakeries, gas stations as well as many other independently owned retail and service related outlets. Upon the completion of the campaign all one sheet posters are removed and recycled.


Out-of-home, outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and proven ways to advertise. Making sure that your message is highly visible is a key factor in supporting community messaging.

A community that is aware of your product or services is one that increases word of mouth promotion. Convenience store and gas station advertising is a great way to get your message noticed. Whether its community awareness or product information this is an effective and affordable way to get your message out to the public.

Types of Neighborhoods


• Urban Community


• Suburban Community


• Rural Community


• Low/Moderate Income Community


• Hispanic Community

All Star Media Solutions Inc. uses the latest available tools in finding the correct demographics by zip code information provided by U.S. Census Bureau. Our programs can target any specific nationality, age or ethnic group, in a local, state or national advertising campaign.

Smart Poster NFC Technology


NFC is where static print and interactive marketing connect. Did you know this little tag can have a large impact on your marketing?

Radio gives you a voice... Billboards give you a visual... But an NFC tag can engage your target market and keep them engaged with interactivity.


Whether you  work at a large corporation, run a small business, or fund a non profit organization, NFC has several benefits that can help you with time management, employee tracking and customer satisfaction.


What is NFC you ask?


• Near Field Communication is similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

• Like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi it allows wireless communication and data exchange between digital devices

• However, NFC utilizes electromagnetic radio fields instead of the radio transmissions used by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

• Meaning NFC is designed for use by devices within close proximity to each other like an NFC enabled phone and a dispay in your store


How does NFC work?


• NFC tags contain information that other devices can read

• These passive tags are tiny, inexpensive and can be attached to any physical object

• When tapped by an active NFC device like a smart phone, the physical object becomes virtualized and information appears seamlessly on the consumer’s phone Active devices can then collect information from the tag that instructs a certain action


How does NFC help you?


These tiny tags have the ability to merge your static print with dynamic, interactive creative that tells the entire story. They create a link between all media that pushes the consumer to a purchasing decision. When tapped by an active NFC device like a smart phone, the physical object becomes virtualized and information appears seamlessly on the consumer’s phone.


NFC tags and devices create a new avenue to engage your target market. This Technology is the future of Information Sharing, Health Care, Social Networking, Purchasing, Couponing, Data Collection, Community Messaging and more.

Gas Station Advertising                Mini Billboards Have High Visibility


Gas Pump Toppers


All Star Media Solutions has a national network of convenience stores and gas stations throughout the US with coverage in every state, market type, and zip code. With gas stations on practically every street corner, anyone who drives needs fuel on a regular basis so that makes this high view media.  Reaching your consumer through this highly targeted and cost effective platform. Gas pump-top advertising offers the ability to put your message directly in front of your audience for extended periods of time; the average time your message is in front of the consumer while they fill their vehicle is 5-8 minutes – that’s a long time for them to absorb your message. Gas pump-top “topper mini billboards” are the perfect cost effective media to reach your target audience for an extended period of time. They offer an up close and eye level connection with the consumer and can be targeted geographically.



There are roughly 140,000 gas stations in the United States, according to vendor estimates, and they average between 30,000 and 40,000 visits per month apiece, with most people averaging five visits per month.



Advertisers can target specific demographics based on the demographic profile of the gas station’s zip code.


For example, a marketer looking to reach Hispanics can advertise at gas stations in Hispanic neighborhoods, while those looking for affluent audiences can target high-end neighborhoods.

Diesel Pump Toppers


Engage over 2500 truckers daily up to 25 minutes per impression! Pump up your brand with truckers by placing ads specifically designed for them. With 15-25 minutes of pumping time, truckers will repeatedly read, retain and engage with your diesel pump topper driving them to action. All Star Media Solutions has truck stops throughout the U.S. so we can tailor a campaign that is perfectly designed for you.


Diesel pump topper ads are printed on weather-proof placard material and placed in frames on top of diesel fuel pumps. The same advertiser has one side of every pump under the fueling canopy. The number of pumps vary from as few as 4 and as many as 20.

Gas Pump Nozzle Talkers


Gas nozzle ads are advertising messages inside a frame attached to the nozzle of a gas pump hose. Advertisers can literally put their message into the hands of their target audience. Just like gas pump topper ads, advertisers can choose a specific geographic area, down to the zip code, of where they would like to target, or can be purchased in general market showings to reach a general audience. Target your audience in a clutter and distraction-free environment with a media that boasts a considerable dwell time and ad recall. This media is especially effective to advertise brands that are sold inside the gas station convenience stores or have an on-the-road affiliation or theme.


A Highly Effective Form of Advertising


Affordable Compared To Other Forms of Advertising


Nozzle Boot Fits Almost All Current Nozzles


Available In A Wide Variety of Colors


Floor Graphics


All Star Media Solutions offers floor graphics. This solution is a unique way to capture the consumer’s attention. Floor graphics are small or large printings that are usually installed on the floors of gas stations and convenience stores. Floor graphics are high-impact visual displays that grab the attention of visitors. Floor graphics are a great way to advertise or compliment all types of advertising. Our floor graphics are slip resistant and safe to walk on.


They are durable and hard to scratch. We use high-quality adhesives to keep the graphic firmly on the floor they can be installed on tile, hardwood, carpet, asphalt, concrete and other surfaces. Whether you’re in the market for a single prototype or you need hundreds of graphics for stores nationwide we have your solution. These decals can promote brand awareness, increase name recognition and help promote public awareness.

Advantages of Gas Station Advertising


Geographic Targeting. - Target by any parameter of your choice – cities, counties, zip codes, neighborhoods, ethnicity etc.


Cost Effective. - Low cost for both space & production


High Visibility. - Eye level and in front of your target audience on average it takes 5-8 minutes to fill a gas tank. Perfect for them to digest your brand message


Captive Audience. - One of life’s daily routines providing easy access to consumers


Consistency. - A person stops an average of 5-7 times a month for gas


Lifestyle Habits. - Consumers typically stop 1-2 miles from where they live and work making consumer profiling easier


Repeat Views. - Sitting at eye-level on top of the gas pump, pump tops are viewed several times during the refueling process and during each visit for maximum impact and retention

Complete Station Takeover


Create a noticeable presence at gas stations with programs that feature All Star Media Solutions products including one-sheet storefront posters, gas pump toppers, gas pump nozzle talkers, and floor graphics will be seen throughout the fueling process. When combined together you will create a “station takeover” – and a campaign that simply cannot be ignored.

Window Decals & Graphics


Promote your business, organization, product or event with effective window decals and graphics from All Star Media Solutions window graphics enables you to transform your windows into a dynamic 24/7 messaging tool. It’s the easy way to put your messaging, services, hours, logos and other essential information in clear view.


Window Graphics Are Great For:


• Retail Stores


• Convenience Stores / Mini Marts


• Gas Stations


• Commercial Businesses


• Hospitals


• Medical and Professional Offices


• Government and Public Buildings


• Showrooms


• Restaurants


• Hotels

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