Specialty Design and Print Services

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Prior to purchase use the quantity to adjust the discussed price of your specialty design and/or printing services. Call 855-562-9198 for more information. 

Large Format Design and Printing Available 

We provide specialty print services. Although we are not a printer we work with the industry's best large format printer in Florida  and have access to the latest and greatest equipment and our software is in-house. 

Graphic Design

Our graphic artists have many years experience in large format design. Large format graphic designs require special knowledge and skill for successful print projects. Whatever your project ideas consist of, you can rest assured your designs will be produced for optimum exposure to your customers. Our designs allow you to see exactly what your finished sign will look like before any production work begins, allowing you complete control of design changes or revisions, and catch any mistakes!

Technical Support

If you are supplying us with your own art files, our technicians will preview your files and make any necessary adjustments to be certain your files will print the way you expect them to. Feel free to call with any questions, and an estimate on your design project. Our tech team is also happy to answer any specific questions regarding the design of your artwork.


We use the latest computer software in-house for design, and have built relationships with the best digital printers in the industry for top quality printing.



We prefer a resolution high enough to maintain at least a 75 dpi (dots per inch) resolution at FINAL PRINT SIZE for a vehicle, and at least 100 to 200 dpi if there is small text created in Photoshop.

File Preparation:

If possible, build your files larger than final output size. We accept all types of files to print from. We prefer them prepared in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you are using Corel Draw, convert text to curves and give us the original .cdr file. Export a copy as an .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file. Include all screen and printer fonts with artwork. Convert all images from RGB to CMYK.

Supply a color output of your final artwork which includes any cropping instructions, and note any PMS colors you would like us to match.


When creating art for a vehicle, design layouts in a rectangular format, using the proper template as a reference for placement. Keep in mind that templates are only 2-dimensional or flat. Your graphics must accommodate any curves or contours that are not visible on the templates. It is critical to your design to measure any of these areas. Also, try to keep all live or pertinent images, such as logos, phone numbers, etc. away from window frames, door handles, molding, mirrors, etc. Examples DO NOT cut out the areas around the wheel wells, windows, etc., those areas are needed for adjustments of the graphics during installation. Bleed all images 2″ around the perimeter, on full size art.


Vehicle templates are available at N/C with $100 deposit. Deposit is deducted from your placed order. Contact your account rep for assistance.

Corporate Logos

AdGraphics archives hundreds of corporate logos in EPS vector format. Logos are available for a $100 fee. Contact your account rep for the logo you need.


LOGOS ARE NOT CLIPART! All logos are trademarks of their respective owners, and are offered as a convenience for their lawful use only, with proper permission from the copyright or trademark holders. Obtaining logo files from AdGraphics does NOT give you authorization nor permission to use the copyrighted logos without the specific consent of the copyright or trademark holder. Before you use, reproduce or distribute in any manner any logo obtained from AdGraphics, you must first receive the express permission of the holder of the copyright or trademark of that logo. Failure to obtain such permission is a violation under international law.


The highest quality and best looking designs are always produced from the best original art that you can provide. We always ask for the best original artwork to start with.