Community Awareness Programs

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Community Awareness Programs Make A Big Difference in the Community. We Would Love to Join Forces to Get Your Messaging Out Into the Heart of the Community.

 Community Program Design Artwork

Why Community Awareness Messaging?

Well we are glad you found us! All Star Media Solutions has been providing community awareness messaging for several years and we have developed partnerships with United Way, the Tobacco Free Partnership and many other greatly respected organizations looking to make a difference. We believe that by introducing proper education, awareness and poster advertisements into the heart of the community we will help you educate the community about your campaign and messaging. 

  • Tobacco Free Community Programs 
  • Opiate Free (Opiate Epidemic) Community Programs 
  • HIV Test and Treat Awareness Programs 
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programs 
  • Fentanyl Awareness Programs 
  • Flakka Awareness Programs and many more ....

If your organization already has artwork for your campaign that's perfectly okay! If you need us to design artwork that is perfectly fine as well. We would  love to speak with you about how we can implement these community programs and create captivating graphics to educate the community about the dangers of society.

Community Programs at gas stations, corner stores, food marts and many more local community stores are a great way to get into where people live and shop every single day. This is a huge plus when trying to generate views and impressions on your poster messaging. The more who see it the better. Another awesome place we post your messaging is at gas stations. There are several options too!

With a new addition to our regular print posters we now offer two digital options on every poster design. You can implement NFC technology into your poster and you can implement Bluetooth Proximity Marketing to your poster ad. Bluetooth proximity marketing increases impressions by at least 30% and allows people to receive a notification on their phone as well as a link to a landing page, website or even a video.

Community Program Advertiisng We create stunning and captivating graphics on a one-sheet print poster that is designed for long term outdoor use. We frame this poster ad and install it across the city you desire, across the county you desire, the state you desire or even the region you desire. In some cases we do national print advertisement campaigns or zip code specific campaigns. Allow you to target the specific areas you want to reach with your messaging. After the design and prints are ready we frame the poster and professionally install them all over the state or wherever you are targeting. We have in state clients as well as out of state clients we work with. No matter where you are located in the United States we can help you with your community messaging. Let us handle that for you! We are very experienced in this area and we love to work with local and non local organizations looking to impact the community in a positive way. We are looking forward to working with you planning with you and crating a memorable movement and campaign with you.

Communuity Advertising Organizations