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Proximity pros

Broadcast your custom notification text and website link up to 100 yards in all directions from our device to every smartphone with Bluetooth enabled! All while tracking your analytics and changing messages and links on the go.

(Radius depends on device configuration)

Reach NEW Customers Nearby With Bluetooth Proximity Marketing...

Everything you need to start marketing with Bluetooth technology is included in one convenient package. 

Hardware, software, basic support and unlimited messaging is included for a low one time fee.

The Opportunities are Endless! It Works For Any Business.

Real Estate

Go beyond for-sale signs and billboards with All Star Media Solutions and proximity marketing. Instantly connect with prospective buyers and get leads by sending N2 notifications on their smartphones.

Bars & Restaurants

Use N2 devices to notify offers and deals to deliver a delightful experience to customers. Track footfalls to adjust happy hours and promotions.


Car Dealerships

Enhance in-store car buying experience and engage prospects as they walk around the showroom. Use N2 to showcase videos, car specs, and highlights through notifications.


Retail Stores

Create custom deals and discounts to draw in passing shoppers and build customer engagement. Offer customized content that your customers get at the right place and time.



Make conference schedules, speaker information, venue maps and more, easily accessible to all of your attendees. Keep them engaged for a better conference experience.

Events & Festivals

Keep attendees up to date with the latest artist information, maps, promotions all on-site via mobile devices.


Grab your customers' attention with thank you messages, up-sell messages, promotional messages, loyalty reward offers or social media messages.

Stadiums & Arenas

Share information such as food promotions, ticket upgrades and gate information directly to fans while they're inside the stadium.

Anything Else...

Welcome messages, videos, and images, coupons, offers, information, In-store notifications, rewards, targeted ads etc.

Deliver and engage at the right place and time, using Proximity Pro's end to end Bluetooth marketing platform.


Our Bluetooth devices are small, battery-operated wireless devices that transmit Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones. In the context of retail and other businesses, these devices reach out to nearby customers with promotional/informational messages, WITHOUT having the end users install an app.


Don't let your customers go without having the information they need.

These devices have the power to transform the customer experience, increase brand affinity, and drive sales.

1.) You receive a coin size wireless weatherproof device called an N2. 

2.) We customize the message that you want to broadcast from your N2's for the first time, out of the box, but the APP allows you to make changes yourself after you receive the N2's and download the analytics software.

Our N2 sends your message and URL to every nearby Android and Apple smartphone with Bluetooth enabled.

(No app required on the Android platform to receive Google nearby notifications)

By adding a small device to each desired location you plan to market to, every smartphone in up to a 300-foot radius will get your custom notification text and link to your landing page or home page on their phone! This can take them to your website, landing page, donation page, video page, campaign website and more. What's Included? Your specific quantity of fully configured and programmed Bluetooth devices with fully functional software for updating notification text and URL configuration on your devices. We call these devices "N2's" and the software we provide for analytics is available as a mobile app. 




Pricing Structure For One Bluetooth Device:

You Recieve:

    1. One Bluetooth Unit (powers on and off)
    2. Desktop Software
    3. Mobile App (same as desktop)
    4. Basic Support 40 Hrs/Week
    5. Unlimited Bluetooth Messages
    6. Strategic Marketing Plan

Three Months:  $90

Six Months: $165

Twelve Months: $330

*Use The Quantity Tab To Purchase More Than One Bluetooth Plan and Receive That Number of Bluetooth Devices for Multiple Units.


Wireless: Automatically promote your business/event on every nearby Android device.
Simple Set Up: Works out of the box. Set your message, turn on the device and you are good to go.
Energy Efficient: All of our beacons come with replaceable battery with a two-year battery life and a 300-foot broadcast range.
Superior Design: All of our beacons are weatherproof.
Easy Control: Easily manage all devices and configure messages from one single location on your portal.
Software INCLUDED as a desktop platform and Mobile APP.
It’s the perfect device for conferences, trade shows, exhibits and other events where power may not be readily available and ultimate flexibility in placement is most important.


Imagine starting a campaign for your business with endless limits on impressions and impact with an extremely affordability solution for local lead generation and advertising.

How is this possible you ask? 

With Proximity Pros End to End Marketing Service Powered by All Star Media Solutions! 

Please Call Proximity Pros at 855-562-9198 If You Have Additional Questions About This Product and Service.