This Bluetooth Marketing Strategy Has Changed The Way I Do Business.

Stop paying hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars in google ads and facebook advertising, until you try this affordable strategy...
What exactly is Bluetooth marketing and how does it work?
Companies like mine, Proximity Pros from the United States, for example, provide a small pocket-sized device that sends your custom notification text and website link to every nearby android smartphone within 100-yards. All from the comfort of your smartphone. With our mobile app software, you can track the performance of your device as well as edit the message and link you send to nearby potential customers. 
This isn't magic, rocket science or a get rich quick scheme...
My name is Michael Garcia and I'm going to show you the exact method I used to grow my local website and graphic design business, in a matter of 6 months, from a struggling failure to a success in progress. I was struggling with finding new customers locally and this method was the only thing that seemed to work. After spending the afternoon using my device at my local Starbucks on a busy fall afternoon I want to tell the world. Yes, I helped develop it but I can't help but recommend it to anyone and everyone because it's only $149 for the year if you go with the company I chose to go with, Proximity Pros
The Concept Is Simple. Reach NEW Customers Nearby With Bluetooth Proximity Marketing.
Bluetooth proximity marketing is an affordable and effective method for lead generation, advertising, brand dominance and more... No matter if your experienced or inexperienced, businesses internationally are benefiting tremendously from this one strategy alone. Just like my business did.

Top 3 Tips To Consider When Adding This To Your Business...

2.) Make sure you avoid monthly payments at all costs by finding a 12-month prepaid plan with beacon + software + support.
3.) I would suggest getting this package from a company inside the USA because there are many foreign companies that offer this service with poor quality beacons software and customer service.
Are you ready to take your local advertising to the next level?
Now that you know how Bluetooth advertising and Bluetooth marketing works - wouldn't it be great to know how your notifications improve once you start implementing them?