Gas Pump Toppers

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What Are Gas Pump Toppers?

Gas pump toppers are 12" x 20" ads that are displayed above the gas pump at eye level. Gas stations are a great high traffic location to advertise your program or message. 


Gas Station AdvertisingIt's no secret that hundreds of people pass through any given gas station on any given day. This is what we call a high traffic location. It is great for any of our advertisement services but gas pump toppers have a very interesting advantage over poster advertisements. When people are pumping their gas their attention is directed to the pump. Which is a perfect opportunity for the person to  view and to read your program messaging. All prints are framed in a polyurethane weatherproof frame to withstand the test of time. We can install these in gas stations locally regionally or nationally. We work with many organizations pushing healthy messaging and healthy lifestyle campaigns. We believe that what we do does impact the inner community and can make a difference when it comes to community awareness, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, suicide prevention, opiate abuse campaigns, opiate epidemic advertising etc... If you would like to speak about creating messaging for a program you are working on. Our media kit is available HERE! We would love to discuss what type of budget your program is working with and how much is allocated to advertising and marketing. Well, I know its very affordable to advertise this way compared to other avenues and ROI is intense for the amount of money you invest. We have been planning public programs and health campaigns for YEARS. We have hundreds of high traffic locations through out Florida. Toppers are a very economical way to cover a lot of geographical ground. I thin its incredible what our full size potters can do with Bluetooth and digitally send out notifications and a link to every android phone within 100 yards. This is also exciting but you can find out more about that HERE. I would have to say the most successful campaigns and program advertising is when the client does both full size 30 x 46 posters and 12" x 20" gas pump toppers together in combination with our mobile Bluetooth technology for full size posters. This guarantees the greatest reach and impressions as well as impact.

Gas Pump Toppers




 If you would like to speak with someone at All Star Media Solutions about Gas Pump Toppers all you have to do is call 855-562-9198.