West Palm Beach Mini Billboard Rentals

Mini billboards south Florida

We are a company based out of Miami Florida focusing on out-of-home advertising at gas stations, corner stores and other high traffic locations nationwide specializing in the Florida Marketplace.

We provide large format 30" x 46" posters and 12" x 20" gas pump toppers. Our posters get installed on gas stations, corner stores and other really busy locations. Our gas pump toppers provide an eye level view of your messaging. They are installed directly in eye view above gas pumps.

Fort Lauderdale Mini Billboards

The affordability compared to traditional billboard advertising is very doable and provides an extended eye view reach of the target market you are trying to conquer. 

With our professional placement services we look for a strategy to carry out the best actions needed to conquer your target market. 

We would love to send you a quote on our out of home ad services. In order for us to do that we need some additional information. 

1.) Budget?
2.) Starting number of posters or toppers?
3.) Locations you would like to target? 

With the above information I will have more info than needed to create an educated quote to send out to you. 

Give me a call to discuss further options. 

855-562-9198 - All Star Direct Line Call Now!

All Star Media Solutions is a State of Florida Certified Vendor!

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