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Health Marketing and community awareness campaigns in the United States, have never been easier or more affordable to plan and execute before! Top 50 Outdoor Marketing Campaigns To Inspire Your Next Awareness Marketing Campaign! Marketing is an effective way to reach a target audience. Marketing campaigns can trigger leads, generate an increase in customer conversion, and grow your brand name. So, although businesses are known to utilize marketing, the healthcare industry also creates some of the best marketing campaigns in the field. Here are the top 50 best healthcare ads to inspire your next marketing campaign: Carilion Clinic Campaign: #YESMAMM Carilion...

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Local health departments who are planning campaigns in Florida can benefit from our OOH advertising and health awareness messaging in more than one way.  All Star Media Solutions Inc. is a State vendor. We have provided mini billboards, posters, gas pump topper ads, shopping cart ads and more to Health Departments across Florida.  Here are 10 reasons why Health Departments in Florida should choose OOH over Digital Marketing!  Compared to Digital online, OOH does not get lamid the noise of the internet. OOH is in the public domain much longer than the few seconds digital online ads and messages appear....

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