Public Service Announcement Campaigns

Outdoor Print PSA Campaigns

Our 30" x 46" poster advertisements are  placed in the heart of the community at gas stations, corner stores and other high traffic locations ensuring massive amounts of engaged impressions. 

All Star Media Solutions has experience in creating outdoor print public service announcement messaging and can promote your messaging on the national stage.

We connect your messaging, product or service with thousands of the right people who are ready to purchase or engage.

The importance of our specific and strategic placements is profound. Our assets across the country are ready to be utilized and examined for your target market making each posting count. 


If you have a campaign idea and would like more info on what it would take to get started please give us a call at 786-681-4650. Ask for Mike the VP of marketing. Or Bill Amodeo the CEO at 855-562-9198.

We would love to help if at all possible. Our team is ready to discuss what we can do to assist you in making a possitive impact in the community.

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