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Outdoor Print Poster Advertising with All Star Media Solutions Inc.

Outdoor advertising and poster advertising is a great way to promote a cause, a product, a sale or to simply get your messaging out to the masses. I’m going to share with you one of the secrets that was a game changer for us in the outdoor advertising industry. The secret is posting these outdoor advertisements and poster advertisements where people live and shop every day in the community. Outdoor Advertising For My Business There is no greater targeting technique in engaging print advertising than this. All Star Media solutions Inc. is an innovative gas station and storefront advertising company focused on reaching your target market with captivating graphics, clear messaging and great ad placement. We have recently been partnering with organizations who need messaging in the heart of the community. This is where important issues arise such as the opiate epidemic and dangers of drugs, healthy eating, informing people about the dangers of smoking and to promote exercise and an active lifestyle.

Outdoor storefront and gas station advertising is extremely effective and let me explain why...

Most modern Americans own a car or some type of transportation. Obviously people must gas up their vehicles at a gas station. It usually takes the average consumer under 10 minutes to pump their gas. That leaves a lot of valuable time to capture your target markets attention and get your messaging across. As consumers are pumping their gas we utilize that time by posting gas pump toppers, nozzle talkers, storefront posters and other engaging media to capture their attention while their mind is adrift. Whatever campaign you are thinking about launching we want to be a part of it. We want to reach people where they live and shop every day. We would love to partner with you and make your campaign a reality and guide you through the process. Campaign design and management is our specialty. 

Online advertising has grown in popularity. As you see in the chart provided by BILLIONS of dollars are being invested in online advertising andUS DATA CHART PRINT ADVERTISING marketing. I know what your thinking. How does that help me? and why would I want to invest in print advertising if everyone is shifting into online strategies? The answer to that question is very simple. Street level advertising isn't as crowded as it used to be. Online advertising is so crowded right now consumers are being bombarded by app ads, FB ads, email ads and ads just about anywhere a business can put them online. This is the perfect opportunity to leverage success and conversion with what I like to call the popularity of strategy technique. It's not always wise to run with the masses. Some times you need to approach advertising a little differently to stay creative and innovative with the way you reach your target market.


We Provide The Following:

  • Gas Station Advertising in Miami-Dade County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Broward County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Palm Beach County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Florida
  • Guaranteed Foot Traffic
  • Hundreds Sometimes Thousands of Views per Location
  • National Campaigns - U.S.
  • Regional Campaigns - U.S.
  • Local Campaigns - U.S.We provide Print Advertising in Miami, Print Advertising in Ft. Lauderdale, Print Advertising in West Palm Beach, Print Advertising in Tampa, Print Advertising in Tallahassee, Print Advertising in Jacksonville, Print Advertising in Orlando


* Industry Leading Graphic Designers at Your Fingertips 

* Strategic Ad Placement Where People Live and Shop Every Day

* Target by Geographical Locations, Zip Codes, States or Regions


Our Background in Outdoor Advertising

Over the years we have mastered the outdoor print advertising market. We have data from all of our clients and thousands of posting locations across the United States. Finding the right niche is so crucial. We decided to work with positive organizations in the community and promoting healthy living and healthy eating. We have partnered with United Way in South Florida, the Department of Health in Miami-Dade County and the Department of Health in Broward County as well as other organizations that promote healthy living and breaking nicotine addiction.

  • Gas station advertising
  • Storefront advertising
  • Poster advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Print media advertising 
  • Advertising Graphics  

Our Commitment to the Community

We are responsible for becoming a positive impact in our communities. All Star Media Solutions Inc. works hard at networking locally to build campaigns that improve our local health and wellness. We have decided that being part of awareness is a huge responsibility in the community.

Please contact us for a quote: 

All Star Media Solutions Inc. - 855-562-9198

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  • Fredrick Augustine

    I work for the health department in a large state on the west coast and All Star Media Solutions helped us graphically design our advertisement and install it in 250 locations throughout the state. We were doing an awareness campaign on the dangers and effects of tobacco on the heart. They helped us with the print advertising and also handled all of the installations. They installed our print advertisement at gas stations, corner stores, storefronts, laundromats, convenience stores and other key places in the community with a lot of foot traffic. They even provided our department with photographs of almost all 250 locations! I highly recommend All Star Media Solutions. The owner is a very down to earth guy who made the process very easy for us and worked closely with us on design and print advertising strategy. -Fred

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