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Affordable Outdoor Advertising Specializing in  Community Awareness Campaigns

Working closely with agencies like Florida Department of Health, United Way, Tobacco Free Partnerships, Veterans Associations, USDA and similar organizations that make a difference in the communities in Florida.

We partner with independent store owners and lease the prime spots to place our client’s advertising message. One-sheets allow you to provide multi-lingual messaging in targeted neighborhoods where other forms of media may not be available. Our One Sheets measure 30" x 46" and are custom framed, installed and maintained throughout the campaign at convenience, grocery, liquor, dollar, check cashing stores, bakeries, gas stations and other areas in the community we believe it to have the greatest social impact.

If you would like to maximize your impressions on each poster we also provide Bluetooth beacon technology. This is a digital proximity based notification system. It sends out a digital notification to every smart phone within 100 feet!

We are one of the first marketing companies to offer this proximity service in combination with our print ads. If you are interested do not hesitate to call All Star at 855-562-9198.


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