Reach Thousands of New Customers Without Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Unwanted Monthly Fees

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Small Business Marketing and Advertising Without Paying For One Google Ad or  Facebook Ad! 

Now is the time to start the online business you've always wanted to start...

For an unruly and grueling amount of time online advertising has been dominated by the rich, multi-billion dollar companies who have had an immense edge over the less fortunate competiton. This makes it difficult for smaller new companies to compete with the majors.
Proximity Pros and All Star Media Solutions inc. are changing that by popularizing a technology that is a couople years old with a NEW modern twist! This technology has been traditionally referred to as Bluetooth proximity markeitng and advertising.The main reason I'm speaking about this today is because your business and/or website can gain thousands of local visitors and possibly even new customers every month without spending thousands or even millions of dollars on traditional online advertising.

Do I have your attention yet? 

Reaching new customers nearby with Google proximity advertising and marketing is now more affordable than ever and available through Proximity Pros. We removed the monthly payments and increased the one time fee and now you can purchase this product and package without breaking the bank. 
Getting set up with this technology and service will only set you back $149.99 for the year!
How does this technology work? 
Our Bluetooth Marketing product/service package at, Proximity Pros, Broadcasts your custom notification text and website link up to 100 yards in all directions to every nearby smartphone! For more info please visit proximity pros landing page!
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What's Included For $149.99/Year? 

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