Are Adwords and Facebook Advertising Worth It?

In my honest opinion online advertising has it's place but the services we provide are more cost effective for your budget and reach more people in the real world. 

In a mobile and digital world marketers would have you believe that print marketing and print advertising are dead. That could not be further from the truth. I'm here to tell you that digital advertising has its place, but print poster advertising with Bluetooth emitters are much more powerful. This technology spreads your notification and Link associated with your poster campaign one hundred yards in every direction of your poster. If you have a hundred posters spread out throughout a County city or state imagine the reach and possibilities.

Google AdWords

 I can sit here and try to sell you add words campaign services and management all day long. I've done that for most of my life. The truth is nowadays people want to see something tangible they want to get a notification after they see  a reasonably large poster advertisement to remind them to check it out later. The viewer wants to be able to purchase something from a poster location or an advertisement location by just simply pressing their phone against the poster. when I was younger things weren't like this but technology has come a long way. The way people see advertising and advertisements online and offline have changed.  Google AdWords is an incredible platform if you have thousands of dollars to build the campaign's the right way and to compete with your competition. The services we offer, outdoor advertising, create a lasting impression on the consumers mind by connecting with them.

Facebook Advertising 

 Facebook has its ups and downs with no real Lasting Impression for advertisers. It's nothing that really stands out. Not a lot of people usually make big purchases on a platform like Facebook and therefore when we use something that isn't made for large scale community impact we limit ourselves. Our goal at all star Media Solutions is to create campaigns for your programs that make a lasting long time impression. In order to do this the right way we have come up with a solution, proximity marketing, that will revolutionize the print advertising industry and breathe fresh air into it.

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