How to Advertise a Large Concert or Event in 3 Easy Steps

How To Advertise For a Large Event or Concert in Florida | Concert Posters | Event Posters

1.) Design Large Format Print Poster For an Event or Concert 

This is a very important part of the process. You want to attract your venue goers. Most of the time when it comes to music based graphics creativity plays a huge roll. You most likely Googled "concert posters" "music posters" "event posters" or something similar to see what’s out there. As you can tell some artwork is incredible. Event Advertising South Florida I personally recommend hiring a business like All Star Media Solutions to help with the design process. If you are not using the proper tools such as Photoshop and illustrator then your concert posters are going to look like an amateur created them. Even if they are framed and installed properly in key locations across the city, county, state or region, if the graphics are not up to par then your only hurting your campaign and doing yourself a disservice. We have all seen black and white crumpled up poster flyers stapled to just about anything that will take a staple. These garbage flyers get thrown out and look terrible. Graphics for these posters are one of the key factors that capture the consumers’ attention. It’s important to do this stage correctly to maximize full exposure. It’s also important that your messaging is clear and precise. In the design stage you need to figure out what exactly you want this print promotion to do. If your goal is to sell tickets to the concert or event then it might be a good idea to look into our Smart Poster NFC Technology.

Smart Poster NFC Technology utilizes the affordability of outdoor print media. It combines it with the modern interactivity of digital outdoor ads. The poster viewers will scan their phone on the poster and immediately be directed to a purchase page for concert tickets. This is one of the most affordable digitally capable PRINT advertisements you can create for an event in which consumers have to pay for tickets or reservations. Although slightly more expensive Smart Poster NFC Technology definitely goes the extra mile to make sure your concert or event sells out.

2.) Print Large Format Poster and Frame Prior to Installation

I want to say this is equally as important as the previous step. If you're printing large format poster advertisements and taking the time to design the poster with captivating graphics for a concert or event why wouldn't you take the time to hire a company like All Star Media Solutions to print the posters for you? We work closely with one of South Florida's industry-leading print facilities. The company were speaking about has done large format printing for a very long time. They have even worked with Disney in Orlando Florida printing large format displays. 

When considering outdoor posters you have to take in mind the poster material, how long the posters will be up, where they will be installed and what type of weather they will encounter.

All Star Media Solutions has several options and always provides advice on what material we feel is necessary for your campaign, what will work best and what will stay up the entire duration of the campaign with no damage to print material or ink.

3.) Professionally Install Large Format Poster Advertising Across the City, County, State, Region or Nation!

This part takes some physical labor as well as market research to know where the most effective locations, to place the posters, would be. It has been discovered from research and experience that posting these up at gas stations guarantees hundreds of impressions every single day. Corner stores, grocery marts, laundromats and other community locations are next in line. 

I definitely do not suggest doing this yourself. There are many factors that come into play while installing these advertisements. Companies like All Star Media Solutions Inc. can do this locally, countywide, statewide, regionally and nationally. Not only do they install these poster advertisements for large events and concerts they also design the posters and have them professionally printed and framed.

I hope that this article helped you understand the concept of effective storefront and gas station posters for large concerts and events. These framed posters have been shown to be effective and important in gaining awareness of an up and coming event. It makes sense to promote these types of events for 3 months prior to the show or event. This allows ample time to get the word out. 

We Provide The Following:

  • Gas Station Advertising in Miami-Dade County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Broward County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Palm Beach County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Florida
  • Guaranteed Foot Traffic
  • Hundreds Sometimes Thousands of Views per Location
  • National Campaigns - U.S.
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  • Local Campaigns - U.S.We provide Print Advertising in Miami, Print Advertising in Ft. Lauderdale, Print Advertising in West Palm Beach, Print Advertising in Tampa, Print Advertising in Tallahassee, Print Advertising in Jacksonville, Print Advertising in Orlando


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Our Background in Outdoor Advertising

Over the years we have mastered the outdoor print advertising market. We have data from all of our clients and thousands of posting locations across the United States. Finding the right niche is so crucial. We decided to work with positive organizations in the community and promoting healthy living and healthy eating. We have partnered with United Way in South Florida, the Department of Health in Miami-Dade County and the Department of Health in Broward County as well as other organizations that promote healthy living and breaking nicotine addiction.

  • Gas station advertising
  • Storefront advertising
  • Poster advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Print media advertising 
  • Advertising Graphics  

Our Commitment to the Community

We are responsible for becoming a positive impact in our communities. All Star Media Solutions Inc. works hard at networking locally to build campaigns that improve our local health and wellness. We have decided that being part of awareness is a huge responsibility in the community.

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