NEW STD in 2017 Stronger than AIDS! (antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea)

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In 2016, Americans were infected with more than 2 million new cases of gonorrhea, syphilis and Chlamydia, the highest number of these sexually transmitted diseases ever reported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. South Florida may lead the nation in HIV/STD cases. HIV SUPER BUGThe rate of new HIV diagnosed in South Florida spiked  more than 3 times of the national average in 2016, according to the CDC based on its annual HIV report, which found the diagnosis in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the West Palm Beach area last year average around 38.8 cases and it was well over 100,000 people affected. According to medical reports, an antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea is more aggressive than AIDS, which means the potential to infect the public will be exponentially greater. Scientists have found a “superbug HO41” strain of gonorrhea in Japan that is resistant to all recommended antibiotics and say it could transform a once easily treatable infection into a global public health threat.  Like most STDs, gonorrhea is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact and if left untreated, can cause a multitude of medical complications, such as infertility in women, debilitating pain and sterility in men and life threatening heart infections etc. What this tells me is that our issue in this country due to cuts and public health funding it seems to me that STD is on the rise again it is so imperative that we continue to help raise awareness. All Star Media Solutions has worked on multiple campaigns with the Florida Department of Health in South Florida to help get messaging out to the communities and raise awareness also to supply them with the resources needed to educate and treat this terrible disease.

Health statistics for HIV, AIDS and HIV-related deaths can be found at this web link: is the difference between diagnosis and report?

Florida tracks HIV/AIDS cases by the year they were diagnosed and by the year they are reported.

  • Year of diagnosis is defined as the year a person is first diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
  • Year of report reflects the year the patient’s case is first reported to FL DOH and entered into the enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System.

The year of diagnosis and the year of report may be different for each case because there are specific requirements set by the CDC for when an HIV/AIDS case is considered reportable, even though the person has been diagnosed. There are many criteria that determine whether or not a case is reportable.

The following are examples of how HIV cases are diagnosed and reported:


In December 2015, a patient tested positive for HIV at a local hospital and met the reporting requirements for HIV. The hospital nurse reported the HIV case to the local county health department in January 2016. The new HIV case was entered into the HIV/AIDS Reporting System database in January 2016. In this scenario, the year of diagnosis is 2015 and the year of report is 2016.


A person living with HIV moves to Florida in February 2014 and visits a doctor in order to receive care and treatment. The patient reports a history of HIV in Texas. The physician in Florida orders a viral load test on the patient and the result is an undetectable viral load. The patient is currently not reportable because the case does not meet CDC’s case definition for a reportable case. In September 2014, the physician orders another viral load test and the result is a detectable viral load. The case is then reported to the county health department as a new diagnosis for Florida. The case is entered in the HIV/AIDS Reporting System database on October 2014. After surveillance staff follows up on the patient’s report of previous history in Texas, it is determined the patient’s first date of diagnosis is November 2005. In this scenario, the year of report is 2014 and year of diagnosis is 2005. However, once it is determined that the first diagnosis took place in Texas, the patient is no longer part of the Florida diagnosis case count. 




HIV AIDS SUPERBUG 2017The GET 2 ZERO Campaign was created to develop an action plan to address HIV/AIDS in Miami-Dade County. Organizations like the Florida Department of Health and the Miami-Dade HIV Partnership are creating a task force. We must give credit where credit is due and honor the organizations who are making a difference in South Florida.


Persons Diagnosed and Living with HIV (PLWH)

HIV AWARENESS MESSAGINGWhile it is important to understand the number of new HIV cases in Florida, it is also important to be aware of the overall prevalence, or number of people living with HIV in the state. We track these persons because it informs decisions related to resource allocations to ensure all people with HIV in Florida have access to the care they need. Figure 2 presents the levels of HIV Care of the people living with HIV in Florida. This model is updated annually.

How Can My Organization Help Raise Awareness?


There are many ways organizations like yours could help raise awareness in the community about HIV prevention, education, testing and awareness. I think word of mouth and getting people to talk about the problem is one great way to do that. All Star Media Solutions Inc provides the placement of AWARENESS MESSAGING in the form of outdoor storefront posters and gas station toppers that we place throughout neighborhoods that have the highest risk of infection it helps educate and raise the public's awareness. We encourage you to give us a call so that we can see if our ad campaign abilities match your needs. We would love to talk about your next campaign or answer any questions you might have about our services. All Star Media Solutions specializes in all types of health and public awareness messaging.Outdoor Poster Advertising and Gas Station Toppers - Reminders About Testing For HIV and Vaccinations.  

Public awareness messaging is powerful. We are creating a call to action for United Way Orlando, United Way Tampa and United Way Tallahassee as well as any health departments or other organizations interested in joining forces with us to make a difference with HIV prevention and awareness in the community. This is a national issue and we are waiting for the right person to step up to do a national campaign but until then let's at least make a difference here at home. 

For More Information Regarding Outdoor Poster Advertising and Gas Station Toppers Please Contact All Star Media Solutions Inc. at 855-562-9198 or Fill Out The Form Here