Get $145k of Outdoor Advertising For $50k!

Digital VS Print Ads

Digital Outdoor Advertising VS. DigiPrint Proximity Bluetooth Poster Advertising

YOU DECIDE... $145,000 for one large format digital display advertisement in one to two locations or $50,000 for our Bluetooth Proximity Poster Advertisements in over one hundred locations which broadcast your message and Link in a one hundred yard radius to all Android phones at each poster location!?

Proximity Print PostersIt is no surprise that digital advertising has taken the market by storm. Unfortunately its high price tag makes its unwise for certain community programs to access this equipment and technology. What if I told you that you can tap into the digital market with the affordability of outdoor print advertising? You can, and that's what this article is about. TAKING THE TIME TO FIND THE ADVERTISING WITH THE MOST REACH TO MORE OF YOUR TARGET MARKET FOR LESS MONEY IS ADVERTISING MONEY WELL SPENT. WE PROVIDE SERVICES THAT CAN ACCOMODATE YOUR PROGRAM AND CAMPAIGN NEEDS. I the grand scheme of things we are looking to expand your marketing and advertising capabilities without hurting your budget. This builds professional relationships and brings us repeat customers and contracts. 






Digital Print Posters

Proximity Advertising

 If you would like to speak with us about print media with proximity marketing technology please call us at 855-562-9198


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