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Traditional Billboard Advertising Has Been Popular For Decades...

Florida billboard rentals

It allows many people to see an ad from afar. Is it the most affordable advertising? No. Is it the most targeted advertising? No.

Allow me to explain. Of course a large ad for your business is enticing. Just the thought of thousands of people POSSIBLY looking up and seeing your name in big bold letters is enough to make most business owners squirm. 

The fact is that with large format 30" x 46" framed outdoor posters at eye level, you can place hundreds of ads, across specific zip codes or specific areas for the same price as one billboard. Targeting exactly who you want to see your outdoor advertisement.

Billboard space in florida

We also have 12" x 20" gas pump topper placement locations across Florida and the rest of the country. Gas station billboardsThese ads are directly above the gas pump and also at eye level. With these smaller and more direct messages you can be right next to a consumer pumping gas at eye level view and with a location that has high traffic you can direct more attention to your messaging.

As well as our high traffic locations across the country we have a great graphics department that can also help you with the design of the poster if needed.

If you were thinking about renting a huge traditional billboard for messaging or promoting a product I urge you to call us for a quote first. You will be surprised with the impressions we receive on each and every poster. I also think the price in comparison to traditional billboard advertising is incredibly competitive.

Florida billboard rental

Call us for a quote! (Bilingual Campaigns)

1.) It helps to include a budget when you contact us so that we can put together a quote based on your actual budget. 

2.) It helps to start with a specific number of posters and gas pump toppers to get a ballpark figure.

3.) It also helps to have zip codes for the areas you want to target, or we can break them up into counties or states as well.

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