Florida Billboards Watch Out!

There is a new trend in Florida advertising. Mini billboards. These 30" x 46" posters are large enough to capture the attention of people where they live and shop every day. They are usually posted at gas stations, corner stores, food marts, gas pumps and other high traffic locations. While keeping costs down and the amount of impressions up we can prioritize specific areas and target your market more effectively on a location by location basis.

Billboard in Florida for sale

We offer multiple forms of advertising nationwide providing services to health departments and government run organizations and agencies for services. If you are working on a campaign and would like a quote give us a call. These mini billboards are much more direct and effective than traditional expensive billboards. 

Join the trend and promote your messaging 24/7. Our graphics department can create the poster for you or you can give us the artwork.

855-562-9198 - Ask for Mike Garcia 

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