Community Messaging Services in Florida

Government Funded Advertising Services

Out-of-home print media messaging for government funded state services such as WIC, Immunizations, HIV testing, substance abuse, mental health services, tobacco free resources, prenatal services and much more.  

Community awareness messaging is a powerful and affordable way to get your message and mission in front of thousands of people.

With a budget of $5,000 (or more) we can get your messaging out to the masses. Either you provide the artwork or we can do that for you. Our 30" X 46" outdoor framed posters are placed at gas stations, corner stores and other high traffic retail locations across the city county or even up to several states at a time if your budget provides. 


Call us today for a quote at 855-562-9198!

All Star Media Solutions is the Nations #1 Source of Certified 3M Specialty Outdoor Ink and affordable outdoor advertising!

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