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One of the most effective ways to buy advertising for outdoor use is print poster advertising. Outdoor posters are, generally speaking, 30" x 46" and are professionally framed and installed at each location. Hundreds if not thousands of impressions and you don't have to pay per click. That's right no PPC involved at all! National Outdoor Advertising Eventually I had to face it. Both Google and Facebook advertising hasn't really given me any significant return on my investment. Not in a long time at least. Outdoor Advertising and Awareness Messaging  It works but it takes too much money to really make a huge impact on sales or the promotion of a cause and awareness messaging. Awareness messaging is a great way to reach the community with a positive message where they live and shop every day. People are bombarded with online advertising every time they pick up a piece of technology. Its invasive and is not an ideal way to approach a consumer with your message or advertisement. Print media is NOT a dying trade. Its a less invasive way of reaching your target audience. Poster advertising is a much better and more affordable alternative. Where will All Star install my poster advertisements? Locations are so important. We install your large format printed poster ads at community  convenience stores, food marts, laundromats, gas stations, corner stores and more. We take your message or advertisement and can install it locally, county wide, state wide, regionally or even nationally. Our installation crew selects top of the line locations with great placement for foot traffic and drive by traffic. The goal is to place your ad in a location in which hundreds of people can see your ad per day per location! Its incredible when you think about it. Does outdoor advertising work? I just got back from a meeting in Broward County and one of my previous clients ran up to me to tell me that their campaign had been a success. She said they were still getting calls 2 months after the campaign ended which means those consumers wrote the number down for later. That tells me something very important about print advertising and more specifically poster advertising. It tells me that outdoor advertising does work and it works quite well. It works well in more then one aspect too. 

What if I told you that you don't have to pay for views!? Those are free with outdoor advertising. Making it that much easier to get your message promotion product or cause out to the public. While also targeting specific areas narrowing it down as far as you would like. The possibilities and creative ideas are endless with this and we would love to talk to you about starting a campaign with us.

Gas Station Advertising, Outdoor Poster Advertising and Gas Pump Advertising - Combined Into One Massive Ad Campaign For Maximum Reach...

Another important point to add is outdoor advertising wouldn't be complete if we didn't offer that we also offer gas station advertising like the picture above. We can place your poster campaign specifically at gas stations or a mix of corner stores, gas stations, food marts and other key points in the community. We also offer gas pump advertisements that are placed at the top of the gas pump so that while people are pumping their gas while they have minutes to spare looking around. This is a perfect placement location and can accompany any poster advertising campaign with us for a reasonable price. 

With these prime advertising locations we generate a buzz in the community around the poster topics. We have seen this many times over. These types of campaigns have so many uses. Not only to promote a service or new product but also by promoting Tobacco Free Florida or Opiate Overdose Awareness and Prevention for example. We have also worked with United Way and many more credible and established organizations. 


We Provide The Following:

  • Gas Station Advertising in Miami-Dade County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Broward County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Palm Beach County
  • Gas Station Advertising in Florida
  • Guaranteed Foot Traffic
  • Hundreds Sometimes Thousands of Views per Location
  • National Campaigns - U.S.
  • Regional Campaigns - U.S.
  • Local Campaigns - U.S.We provide Print Advertising in Miami, Print Advertising in Ft. Lauderdale, Print Advertising in West Palm Beach, Print Advertising in Tampa, Print Advertising in Tallahassee, Print Advertising in Jacksonville, Print Advertising in Orlando


* Industry Leading Graphic Designers at Your Fingertips 

* Strategic Ad Placement Where People Live and Shop Every Day

* Target by Geographical Locations, Zip Codes, States or Regions


Our Background in Outdoor Advertising

Over the years we have mastered the outdoor print advertising market. We have data from all of our clients and thousands of posting locations across the United States. Finding the right niche is so crucial. We decided to work with positive organizations in the community and promoting healthy living and healthy eating. We have partnered with United Way in South Florida, the Department of Health in Miami-Dade County and the Department of Health in Broward County as well as other organizations that promote healthy living and breaking nicotine addiction.

  • Gas station advertising
  • Storefront advertising
  • Poster advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Print media advertising 
  • Advertising Graphics  

Our Commitment to the Community

We are responsible for becoming a positive impact in our communities. All Star Media Solutions Inc. works hard at networking locally to build campaigns that improve our local health and wellness. We have decided that being part of awareness is a huge responsibility in the community.

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