American Vets Are Commiting Suicide At an Alarming Rate in 2018!

22 vets a day


Some statistics say around 22 American veterans commit suicide every day and those numbers are increasing. The VA is flooding vets bodies and minds with heavy medications and even narcotics making their complex situations worse.

In my opinion, and the opinion of other medical professionals, anti depressants can be one leading causes, as well as other drugs such as legitimate opioid use for pain from injury.

Whatever is causing these hurting individuals to commit suicide has to be detected and stopped. The VA is no help most of the time. Adding more drugs doesnt usually solve the problem it can make it a lot worse.

I spoke with an ex marine who takes 32 pills a day! That's thirty two! Somthing has to change in the medical community. Mental health is being affected by anti depressants, barbiturates, opioids and all sorts of other mentally harmful medications.

The people who have faught and risked their lives for this country deserve the best treatment possible without over prescribed meds and masking the torment with nothing but a bandaid. 

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