Affordable Out Of Home (Outdoor Print Media) Advertising Locally, Regionally, Nationally.

All Star Media Solutions is an out of home print media placement company. 

Cheap OOH Advertising


We specialize in the placement of professionally printed and framed outdoor print media. 

We provide two sizes of postings for community messaging...
Our large poster ad format is 30" x 46" and installed in the specific geographical area you are looking to target such as convenience stores, gas stations, food marts and other high traffic retail locations in the community or by zip codes, counties, states or regions you or your client is looking to target.
OOH 2018
We also have a gas pump topper ad size. Topper ad format is 12" x 20" Double Sided and installed above gas pumps, at gas stations at eye-level
We have thousands of locations across the country. I honestly feel like together we can make an incredible impact in the community.
If you know of any organizations working on a campaign where awareness plays an important role we would love to help them  reach the community with their messaging and our locations across the state of Florida and/or the rest of the country. 

Contact Bill Amodeo at 855-562-9198

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