We will Professionally Print, Frame and Install Your Print Advertisement and Launch Your Campaign In The Zip Codes, Cities, Counties, States or Regions Your Target Market Lives and Shops Every Day.

Poster Advertising

Outdoor Poster Advertising is an effective and affordable way to reach thousands of consumers where they live and shop daily. We can develop a strategic placement plan to maximize your reach to the desired target market.

Gas Topper Advertising

Our Gas Topper Advertising offers an up close and eye level connection with the consumer. In the time it takes to pump their gas our posters and gas pump toppers are producing thousands of impressions daily. 

Shopping Cart Advertising

Our Shopping Cart Advertising captures the consumer's attention by providing a neighborhood level marketing approach that continues to impact the active shopping community throughout the duration of your campaign. 

All Star Media Solutions is the market leader in out-of-home media advertising. Specializing in outdoor storefront poster advertising with locations such as convenience stores, gas stations, laundromats and more. We offer eye-level print solutions that capture the consumer’s attention. We have several forms of media including storefront posters, gas pump toppers, gas pump nozzle talkers, floor graphics and more. Providing effective solutions for community awareness programs and product information campaigns that consumers engage with. The placement of outdoor storefront posters is important also. By offering multi lingual posters in English, Spanish, and Creole our eye level storefront posters effectively reaches and engages your target audience.

We partner with independent store owners and leasing the prime spots to place our client’s advertising message in neighborhoods across the Country. Our one sheets measure 30" x 46" and are custom framed, installed and maintained throughout the campaign at convenience, grocery, liquor, dollar, check cashing stores, bakeries, gas stations as well as many other independently owned retail and service related outlets. Upon the completion of the campaign all one sheet posters are removed and recycled. Out-of-home, outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and proven ways to advertise. Making sure that your message is highly visible is a key factor in supporting community messaging. A community that is aware of your product or services is one that increases word of mouth promotion.

Convenience store and gas station advertising is a great way to get your message noticed. Whether its community awareness or product information this is an effective and affordable way to get your message out to the public.


To promote & improve the health of all people in the United States through integrated state, county, & community awareness programs. 


We strive to have the States we work on become the healthiest States in the Nation through outdoor public messaging and awareness. 


Innovation, collaboration, accountability, responsiveness and excellence. 


All Star Media Solutions specializes in State approved one-sheet print messaging, mini billboards, gas station messaging, gas pump messaging, shopping cart messaging and more.

Boost Millennial Engagement With NFC, QR Codes and Retail Proximity Beacons 2019-2020

All Star Media Solutions has partnered with Proximity Pros to offer an all-in-one retail proximity platform. Allowing you to send notifications and advertisements to your customer's smartphone with their permission while they are shopping in your retail stores. Our platform is integrated with Google Ads and Facebook Ads so that you can re market to your customers long after they leave your stores. (READ MORE!)

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Creating Awareness in the Community

One sheet posters are a great way to reach the public with health marketing. Many organizations promote  healthy lifestyle campaigns in communities across the United States. We help to raise awareness, with their help, for various outbreaks and epidemics across America.

For the last 5 years we have been focused on the Florida market but we have inventory across the United States and a very easy system to get contracts in the geographic area your targeting. 

Another incredible way to reach out to the public, in our opinion, would be gas topper advertising. This ensures while consumers are pumping their gas for up to 10 minutes they are at eye-level with your media. Giving them literally nothing else to do but look at your ad.